Rental Management

If you have neither the time nor the desire to fret with rental problems, entrust us the management of your properties wherever they may be located in Belgium.

Our task will be to defend your interests and to boost your real estate assets.

We moreover guarantee the following services:

  • Immediate technical response
  • Negotiations of clauses of the lease
  • Distribution of charges between landlord and tenant
  • Surveillance of the building and maintenance
  • Drawing up estimates
  • Surveillance of any works
  • Collection of rents and charges and periodic settlement to the landlord
  • Reminders to any non-paying tenants
  • Keeping landlords informed of various contractual expiry dates
  • Representation before insurance companies and claims management
  • Assistance to experts for inventories of fixtures
  • Indexing of rent on the anniversary date of the lease
  • Readjustment of the rent guarantee
  • Dispatching of letters for extending or renouncing the contract or serving notice
  • Change of subscriber to the water, gas, electricity and cable TV utilities
  • Monitoring the compliance of tenants with their contractual and legal obligations concerning leases (maintenance of heating system once a year, sweeping of chimneys, cleaning of cornices in autumn, regular maintenance of the garden, etc.)
  • Monitoring and/or remuneration of the cleaning service 

Contact-us at 02/763.06.00